Personal Reflection: Week 1

Reading the business ideas of my classmates has helped me to see that there is a wide arrange of ways to create an online business.  I have been very impressed with the vision and creativity that has come forth.  For my web business this semester I am going to focus on online ticketing and marketing for my current work. I will be piloting online ticketing for them and driving new customers to them through the convenience of online shopping. I have learned that you are able to reach customers on a global scale online.  Future customers can shop 24/7 and be lead to your online website through advertising.

Google Adwords is a resourceful tool that you can use to determine the most popular keyword searches in google that relate to your business.  You then create an ad that will show up to people in your community, state, country, or world that search for specific keywords you select.  People google and search on the web frequently and when they search for related keywords to your business, you want your ad to pop up to drive them to you.  You only pay each time someone actually clicks on  your link to your website.