Project 1 Flyer


Description: This project required me to begin learning the Indesign software and how to create a flyer for a company. Previously, I have had no Indesign experience and I was able to learn the tools I needed to create this flyer.  It is black and white, some of the requirements were white space, grouping, alignment, flow, typography, message, audience appeal, repetition and rhythm, and gestalt.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  As I said before, I used Indesign to create the flyer and I learned many different tools and skills along the way.  For the large square I used the rectangle tool, made the fill white, and selected the opacity to be at 93% in order for some of the background photo to show through.  For the body I edited the text that I was given, create two columns, took out any hyphens, and made the spacing equal so that the aligned together.  I used my body copy type face which is listed below.  In order to made the question on the black rectangle stand out I used my Title typeface, made it bold, and filled the entire box with the words.  I also aligned that box directly with the body copy. In order to create interest I put the black rectangle in the top left corner to help the date stand out.  The box is offset into the background picture. To insert the background photo I placed it into the program and then sized it down to where I wanted it.  I then dragged in some of the sides to crop the photo to fit in my desired space. I chose that photo because the people in it look professional and are also not looking at the camera.  That way, they can blend in and not be a distraction. They are also looking down which helps to point to my body copy.  I italicized a paragraph in my body copy to make it stand out as well.

I began by Formulating a plan, thinking about my overall message, and then sketching a few designs.  Then, I opened up Indesign to organize the different shapes and text boxes that would take place in my flyer.  I paid close attention to alignment and making sure that everything flowed well together.  Next, I moved onto contrast and since this is a black and white project it needed to be dramatic.  I contrasted black rectangles, a black logo, and a black title with a big white background square.  Unity came through repeating my black elements through the black rectangles, keeping the same fonts, and making sure there was enough white space for all the elements to breath.  Last, I went back to my design again to simplify and evaluate how the flyer was coming together. I ended up changing my two black rectangles to black from them being previously white.  I moved my logo and sized it to be smaller.  I also changed my title to a dramatically bigger font size and made a few last minute edits in my body copy.

Message: My message is something that I have thought about since I first started brainstorming.   My goal was to keep the flyer very organized and crisp which would hopefully allude to a professional business conference setting. How the flyer represents the activity it is promoting effects the audiences perception of the event.

Audience: This conference is intended for Graduates to help them gain leadership skills for future employment. Anyone passing by will hopefully be drawn in to look at the flyer by the word Graduate.

Top Thing Learned:  I was able to use my new typography skills to choose two fonts that go well together.  That was a struggle for me at first because it is a brand new concept.  I also learned the basic elements in Indesign like sizing, text, the home key, and shape tools.  I hope to be able to further my knowledge in future projects and build off of what designing this flyer has taught me.

Title Font Name & Category: Century School book (Serif)

Copy Font Name & Category: News Gothic MT (San Serif)

Links to images used in this projectLogoPhoto

3 thoughts on “Project 1 Flyer

  1. Amberlie-
    Your flier turned out great. I really like your idea of the white box with the title in large black lettering. It creates really good contrast to make your title really stand out the intended audience. I also liked your idea of making the white box semi-transparent so that the two people can still be seen as you view the flier. Overall your use of contrast and alignment is very good in this flier. Great Job!

    Here is a link for another class members flier project:


  2. Hi Amberlie! Your design is very outside the box and visually interesting. I liked the opaque white box overlaying the image with your title. There is no mistaking your focal point! It is very grabbing and dynamic. I like how the important information is in proximity to that focal point like the time, date, location element and the logo. I noticed the balance created with the black box element at the lower left with the catch phrase in it and the upper right one. Great job on your design! For another great design, check out Eric’s flier at:


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