Personal Reflection: Week 4

This week I was able to finally learn a solution that will work well for my website. I have started designing my pages and layout this week on WordPress.  Wordpress is is the site builder that I have chosen to go through because of my familiarity with them.  The business that I am creating online ticketing for already has their main website.  Since my goal for this course is to build my own website, I learned that I can use a subdomain of the existing domain to be able to have my own website.  It will be easily integrated into the existing website and will essentially be a part of it.  Having a subdomain also gives extra weight in the search engine.

WordPress is a great tool that has allowed me to organize my webpage in a clear way with their menu’s and pages. There are also widgets that allow photo sliders and other features that I am testing out.  My next big move will be to integrate online payments on my website.  As of now I am going to go with Paypal because of their reliability and brand loyalty.  Many customers are familiar with their name alone and many more have an account.  I am also interested in having more than one payment option to give customers options.  My main goal for my website is to have it make the payment process as easy as possible for the customers.

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