Project 3 Photodesign


Description: This project was to demonstrate photoshop editing skills, photography skills, as well as incorporating color.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  My project began with choosing a color scheme. I went with violet shades based on objects that I was brainstorming with.  I used the FOCUS principles from my text book to help me formulate and decide on a plan for my design. I used my Canon Rebel T2i to shoot some photos.  After I decided on the photo I wanted I opened it into photoshop and edited it using these 4 editing tools: level, sharpness, saturation, and color balance.  Next, I opened up an 8 1/2 x 11 layout to begin designing with my photo, text, and shapes.  I used color swatches and the color dropper to match and pull colors directly from my image.  I designed my shapes and patterned them after the wood flooring.  I created different layers for each of the rectangles that I created with the rectangle tool.

Message: This beauty poster is intended to be an positive message with a sophisticated vogue feel.

Audience: For ladies and anyone fashion forward.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to plan a vision and execute it from picking my color scheme, the actual photo shoot, and then editing in photoshop afterwards.

Color scheme and color names: Violet (Monochromatic)

Title Font Name & Category: Didot (Modern)

Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica Light (San Serif)

Date and location of photo taken: Oct. 15, 2014, My Home



Original Unedited Image


4 thoughts on “Project 3 Photodesign

  1. Amberlie, I really like the layout of your design using the color swatches in different sizes. It really demonstrates the purpose of the design in demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of color schemes. Furthermore, I like how you set up the props for the image. It has a nice variety of items within the same color scheme and I think they are grouped nicely. I couldn’t help but notice that even the your shirt in your video goes with your color scheme. You made monochromatic look very fun and beautiful. I think you might like to look at Arkadiusz’s blog. He did a really nice job with the monochromatic color scheme too.

    Great Job!


  2. Hi! I love your Audrey Hepburn design. I almost used that exact same quote for the photomontage. It’s a great one! I like the simplicity with the boxes beneath the photo. And the color scheme is perfect for the quote and photo. Your typography combination-Didot with Helvetica light is my favorite. Works well for a lot of designs. Very well done! You are talented! Here is a link to mine:


  3. Amberlie, Your photodesign turned out great. I really like the offset of the boxes and the color swatches. It adds a lot to the piece. What I really like about it is that your photo is a dominate element in the design and it looks awesome with a full bleed at the top. I am super impressed with the work you do even though you may feel like a novice at all of this you are doing a great job. Here is my final design, I made a few changes myself, thanks for the suggestions.


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