Personal Reflection: Week 5

The major focus that I have spent hours and hours on this week was the creation of my website.  All I can say is, “wow”! I’m so proud of how it has developed and I have learned so much on word press as that is my content manager.  My first challenge was to learn how to mirror my website to have an identical frame to the main website.  I am essentially building the ticketing sub domain.  I accessed both the original domain and my sub domain and began applying the same theme, plug-in’s, social media buttons, slides, photos, and menu links.  I would flip back and forth between the websites making sure I was consistently matching. I had to google how to edit and add a lot of different things such as the photo slides and the best way to configure my menu.

The next big challenge was to actually tackle my shopping cart.  I created the tickets page and put course information on there.  I wrote up summaries of the courses and spent a lot of time on the text.  I had previously decided to use pay pal for my cart and have spent the past few days creating the cart the way I wanted.  I took a lot of time creating the actual layout of the products.  I coded with html my product name, price, and description.  I also linked a thank you page that customers will be directed to after they complete a purchase.  Since this is a service they are purchasing, customers will bring in their online confirmation to redeem their tickets on sight. Now that I have completed the pay pal shopping cart I am now creating one with Ecwid.  I might be able to add more options than my simple pay pal cart.  For now I am leaving the pay pal cart live, but as I learn more I may be trying to make a quick switch to Ecwid.

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