Project 4: Montage



Description: This spiritual montage required me to use at least 2 photos and the use of typography.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): I started with an 8.5 x 11 canvas and opened up my missionary photo into it.  The photo itself did needed to extend an extra inch to the left so I used the clone tool to bring my image all the way to the edge.  Next I applied a filter and desaturated the entire picture.  With the brush tool I brought the saturation back into just the elders. I added another layer to use a white brush set at 50% opacity to color in the sky white and to intermix the pixels of my image into the white. To add in my missionary tag image I lasso’d it and applied a 50 px feather.  I copied the tag into my design and rotated it the directions I wanted.  To help it blend with my background I gave it a mask and painted over it with a white paint brush set to 20% opacity and 100% flow.  This allowed my to blend the pixels but keep the brush light enough to not completely make the tag disappear.  I added in my text boxes and used two contrasting typefaces.  I pulled a dark teal color from the left missionaries tie and then used a lighter teal as well for my body copy.  In order to help the text “His Truth” be read more clearly I added a layer and painted with a white brush set to 20% opacity and 50% flow.  Behind the text “Bring the World” I used a black paintbrush with the same opacity/flow to paint a few areas to make the words pop. I also edited out some keys hanging from the left elder with the black paint brush.

Message: An uplifting message about the work that missionaries do and their dedication to Jesus Christ.

Audience: Since this is a spiritual message it is directed towards Latter Day Saints.

Top Thing Learned: I value having learned how to apply mask, filters, and layers to images.  There are many different ways to blend pixels and incorporate images together. I have learned threshold levels and how to use saturation levels.

Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I selected the photo of the missionaries and desaturated it completely. Then, with the brush tool I colors the elders in to make them the focal point of my design.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic (Teal)

Title Font Name & Category: Baskersville Regular (Serif)

Copy Font Name & Category: Letter Gothis STD Bold (San Serif)

Thumbnails of Images Used:













Sources: (Links to images on original website)



2 thoughts on “Project 4: Montage

  1. I like how you used colors in your design. I think that decision to leave colors on the missionaries and on type was a good choice. The project looks really interesting that way. Moreover, I think that it helps define the focal point, which to me are the missionaries. I can see that they are also in the intersection of thirds. One suggestion is that would be good to see a bit more blending between the two photos.
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    Preslee Dayton:


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