Personal Reflection: Week 6

Google Adwords is a creative tool that I explored a lot more this week.  I focused on building my keywords that I will use to run my first Ad.  I am really satisfied with the list of 20 words that I ended up with. I learned that the keywords that you use need to fit in a happy medium.  They can not be too specific, but not too general at the same time.  I thought from a potential customers point of view.  What kind of words would they search to find my business?  What kind of people am I trying to attract?

At the time time, the question comes up, “What customers am I trying to avoid?”.  You can add negative key words that will help you to avoid people clicking that really are looking for a different type of business.  Since I am trying to attract people to come to an outdoor adventure park, I used the negative keywords: backyard, kit.  I want to avoid customers looking to build their own zip line in their backyard.  Basically, my campaign is all ready to go.  I created my ad and spent a lot of time with the wording.  I looked at a lot of other Ads for examples.

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