Project 5: Logos


These logos were only created for the purpose of the course COMM130.

Description: This project was directed towards learning Adobe Illustrator to create three logos for the same company with variety.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  For the top logo I used typography and also the use of a black text box.  My goal was to make the word “zoo” look like negative space.  I was inspired my minimalism with the polar bear and used the pathfinder tool on some circles to create the nose. I used small circles for the eyes.  I incorporated color into the nose and abbreviation RIC which is commonly used in our area for Richmond. The second logo is half typography which I nestles in the birds shoulder and half parrot. I found some cartoon animal images for inspiration when creating the parrot.  I placed on of the photos in illustrator and began sizing my circles on top of it.  I then used the pathfinder tool to minus front and group different parts of the image together.  The parrot is made up entirely of circles.  The bottom logo was the most time consuming in learning how to create the patterns in the letters “zoo”.  I placed an image with animal prints in and then used image trace with a black and white preset to create a vector of the file that I could use. I was then able to use the clipping mask and the compound path on the word “zoo” to layer it onto the patterns and create one element.
Message: The logo needed to reflect animals because of the nature of a zoo. When someone looks at any of the logos they should be able to tell that there will be animals at the zoo and that it is clear which zoo it is.
Audience: The audience is more local, but a lot of visitors form out of town visit the zoo as well.  The logo won’t have the same branding effect as a national company.  Since there could be so many out of town visitors I needed to make sure the full zoo name was in each of the logos.
Top Thing Learned: Having never used Illustrator, I learned how to use many different tools.  Some tools I learn that stand out to me are the pen tool, shapes tool, compound path, clipping mask, layers, eye drop tool.
Three Color Scheme and Color Names:
Top Logo: Monochromatic (Blue)
Middle Logo: Split Complementary (Red, Orange, Green)
Bottom Logo: Tetradic (Red, Orange, Blue, Green)
Three sets of Title / Body Font Names & Categories:
Top Logo: Font #1 – Din Alternative Bold (San Serif)
Middle Logo: Font #1 – Garamound (Old Style) Font #2 – Helvetica (San Serif)
Bottom Logo: Font #1 – Cubano (Decorative)
Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 0; Middle Logo = 1; Bottom Logo = 48;
My favorite logo is the middle one.

3 thoughts on “Project 5: Logos

  1. Amberlie! I LOVE your logos! I think that your use of negative space and lost and found are fantastic. With your first logo, is the ‘c’ supposed to be the bear’s ear? So clever! One idea I have is to maybe move the bear over to the left, and then have the right half of the D colored as well to add the other ear. I was super engaged though with all of them and kept wanting to look at them. 🙂


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