Personal Reflection: Week 7

The week I focused on learning more about creating an enticing ad that will lead potential customers to my website.  I learned that a few key components are accurately describing what the business is, using numbers, and also a call to action.  Google Adwords has its own restrictions on how many characters each line can have and they also have rules to keep all their ads uniform.  For example, I submitting one ad that was not approved because the “BUY NOW” was in all caps.  It makes sense that Google would want to have consistency in their ads.

Looking at other ads for examples helped me to see that other companies value putting in their ad.  It is important to highlight what sets your company apart from other businesses.  I made sure to focus on a key factor that makes my business unique from similar ones.  Highlighting strengths and a call to action was the main focus of my ad.

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