Project 7: Web Page


Description: The outcome of this project was to learn html and css editing to create a webpage based on a logo that I have designed.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used textwrangler and photoshop in the creation of my webpage.  At the beginning of this project I had never edited or learned anything about html or css before.  After some practice, I began the webpage with a html and css document.  I attached the css document to my html in text wrangler.  Then, I customized the text and uploaded my own image.  I also changed the title and body copy font.  To find an exact color match, I opened up my logo in photoshop. I used the eye dropper tool to select the colors. I aligned all my text left to shift it to wrap around my logo.  I then used the break code to space out different sections of text.  I made the black shape at the top of my page a little wider.  I also, enlarged the text size of my intro paragraph.

Message: The entire look of my webpage it intended to be organized, professional, girly, and and minimal.

Audience: I chose to use the color hot pink because it associated with being very girly. I wanted to reflect that the business is intended towards women and fashion. My audience is women seeking fashion advice and my logo depicts fashion through sunglasses and a lipstick. Both objects are fashion related.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to code html and css.  I also think that being able to accurately organize my html code is a valuable skill.

Color scheme and color hex(s): Monochromatic- Pink #ed217c (Black, #000000) (White, #FFFFFF)

Title Font Families & Category: Didot (Modern)

Copy Font Families & Category: Helvetica Light (San Serif)

Changes made to the CSS: I changed the following items in the css: font families, font sizes, padding of the top black shape, colors, added a .intro section at the bottom for my intro paragraph, added a note to the .intro section, and changed the img to floatleft.

Word Count: 306

4 thoughts on “Project 7: Web Page

  1. Hi! I really love your color scheme. I am going to have to use that shade of pink sometime in the future. (I saved the hexadecimal number 🙂 Also love your font choices. I used the same for my web page: Didot and Helvetica. Such a classic and beautiful pair. I’m having a hard time finding another typography pairing I like just as much! Your design feels very unified and complete. Great work! Here is a link to mine:


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