DC Ragnar Shirt Design



Purpose: This October I am running the DC Ragnar Race with 12 girl friends. I created this shirt design so that we could all have matching shirts. Our team name is the “No Drama Llamas”.

Title Font Name & Category: Windsor Hand, Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category: Always in My Heart, Decorative

Project 9: Portfolio

Project Corrections / Time spent: I spent just over two hours designing a new creative ad.  The main focus of this design was to improve my skills with the magic wand, lasso, magnetic lasso. I cut out a photo with those tool and also used the redefine edge and eraser tool.  In previous projects, this has been a skill that I have struggled with and I think that this cut out is a huge improvement. Currently it takes me a long time to achieve that but through practice I know these tools will come more quickly.

creative project

Message: To professionally display all of my designs from the visual media course.

Audience: To show any future employers my design skills.

Top Thing Learned: I learned that the purpose of a portfolio and its cover pages are that it needs to be designed beautifully and professionally but not distract from the designs themselves.

Future application of Visual Media: I work at an adventure park where I hope to now apply my skills in designing.  Some areas I see myself working in are website designing, signs, and brochures.

Color scheme and color names: Gold/Yellow, Monochromatic

Title Font Name & Category: Cubano, Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category: Klinic Slab Light, Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:

gold foil

Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):


Project 8: Brochure




Description: To create a dual sided, full bleed, brochure.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): To create this brochure I used three different programs which were indesign, illustrator, and photoshop.  A majority of my brochure was created in indesign.  That is were I created my 2 page, facing, 5 1/2 in x 16 1/2 in layout.  I labeled all of the different sections and I began placing colored rectangles to fill the background.  I used illustrator to create my logo and to use the pathfinder tool to layer and create different shapes.  I designed my front cover in illustrator and used the clipping mask to cut it in half.  I also used the clipping mask to create my photos into different shapes.  In photoshop, I used the magic wand to select the giraffe head.  I then added text wrap element to it in indesign.  For all of my text I used paragraph styling to organize the headers and paragraph fonts.

Message: To professional give information out about a zip line adventure park where you get to zip over animals.

Audience: This is directed towards anyone who wants to participate in outdoor adventure, find family fun, or cross zip lining off their bucket list.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to creatively make my own brochure fold and use indesign to lay it out.  I got a lot of practice with layering and links.  The top thing that I learned was paragraph styling.

Color scheme and color names: Analogous (Blue, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green)

Title Font Name & Category: Cubano (Decorative)

Copy Font Name & Category: Klinic Slab Light (Serif)

Word Count of copy: 250 words

Thumbnails of Images used: 

giraffemap Z-Amberlie3 Z-Amberlie5 Z-Amberlie6




Last three photos are owned.


Project 7: Web Page


Description: The outcome of this project was to learn html and css editing to create a webpage based on a logo that I have designed.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used textwrangler and photoshop in the creation of my webpage.  At the beginning of this project I had never edited or learned anything about html or css before.  After some practice, I began the webpage with a html and css document.  I attached the css document to my html in text wrangler.  Then, I customized the text and uploaded my own image.  I also changed the title and body copy font.  To find an exact color match, I opened up my logo in photoshop. I used the eye dropper tool to select the colors. I aligned all my text left to shift it to wrap around my logo.  I then used the break code to space out different sections of text.  I made the black shape at the top of my page a little wider.  I also, enlarged the text size of my intro paragraph.

Message: The entire look of my webpage it intended to be organized, professional, girly, and and minimal.

Audience: I chose to use the color hot pink because it associated with being very girly. I wanted to reflect that the business is intended towards women and fashion. My audience is women seeking fashion advice and my logo depicts fashion through sunglasses and a lipstick. Both objects are fashion related.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to code html and css.  I also think that being able to accurately organize my html code is a valuable skill.

Color scheme and color hex(s): Monochromatic- Pink #ed217c (Black, #000000) (White, #FFFFFF)

Title Font Families & Category: Didot (Modern)

Copy Font Families & Category: Helvetica Light (San Serif)

Changes made to the CSS: I changed the following items in the css: font families, font sizes, padding of the top black shape, colors, added a .intro section at the bottom for my intro paragraph, added a note to the .intro section, and changed the img to floatleft.

Word Count: 306

Project 6: Stationary Project


Description: The goal of this project was to create a new logo and with it design a coordinating business card and letterhead.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I began by using illustrator to design my logo.  I used the pen tool to draw sunglasses and a lipstick.  To add my business name I used the text tool.  Next, I created my business cards in indesign as well.  I used the artboard tool to create the size which is 3.5 x 2.  I copied elements from my logo onto the front and back side.  I dragged out my sunglasses to make them large and set the shape to 3% opacity to make it the back ground.  To create the pink stripes, I used the rectangle tool. For my letterhead I began with my logo in illustrator. I extended the pink line the length of the page and saved it.  After I had the image the right length I placed it into a new indesign document . Then I created another pink rectangle for the bottom to create unity.

Message: The overall message I am trying to portray is professional, fashion, and girly.

Audience: It is directed towards women who are interested in fashion.

Top Thing Learned: How to use repeating design elements to unify two different design pieces.

Color scheme and color names: Pink (Monochromatic)

Title Font Name & Category: Didot (Modern)

Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica Light (San Serif)


Project 5: Logos


These logos were only created for the purpose of the course COMM130.

Description: This project was directed towards learning Adobe Illustrator to create three logos for the same company with variety.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  For the top logo I used typography and also the use of a black text box.  My goal was to make the word “zoo” look like negative space.  I was inspired my minimalism with the polar bear and used the pathfinder tool on some circles to create the nose. I used small circles for the eyes.  I incorporated color into the nose and abbreviation RIC which is commonly used in our area for Richmond. The second logo is half typography which I nestles in the birds shoulder and half parrot. I found some cartoon animal images for inspiration when creating the parrot.  I placed on of the photos in illustrator and began sizing my circles on top of it.  I then used the pathfinder tool to minus front and group different parts of the image together.  The parrot is made up entirely of circles.  The bottom logo was the most time consuming in learning how to create the patterns in the letters “zoo”.  I placed an image with animal prints in and then used image trace with a black and white preset to create a vector of the file that I could use. I was then able to use the clipping mask and the compound path on the word “zoo” to layer it onto the patterns and create one element.
Message: The logo needed to reflect animals because of the nature of a zoo. When someone looks at any of the logos they should be able to tell that there will be animals at the zoo and that it is clear which zoo it is.
Audience: The audience is more local, but a lot of visitors form out of town visit the zoo as well.  The logo won’t have the same branding effect as a national company.  Since there could be so many out of town visitors I needed to make sure the full zoo name was in each of the logos.
Top Thing Learned: Having never used Illustrator, I learned how to use many different tools.  Some tools I learn that stand out to me are the pen tool, shapes tool, compound path, clipping mask, layers, eye drop tool.
Three Color Scheme and Color Names:
Top Logo: Monochromatic (Blue)
Middle Logo: Split Complementary (Red, Orange, Green)
Bottom Logo: Tetradic (Red, Orange, Blue, Green)
Three sets of Title / Body Font Names & Categories:
Top Logo: Font #1 – Din Alternative Bold (San Serif)
Middle Logo: Font #1 – Garamound (Old Style) Font #2 – Helvetica (San Serif)
Bottom Logo: Font #1 – Cubano (Decorative)
Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 0; Middle Logo = 1; Bottom Logo = 48;
My favorite logo is the middle one.

Project 4: Montage



Description: This spiritual montage required me to use at least 2 photos and the use of typography.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): I started with an 8.5 x 11 canvas and opened up my missionary photo into it.  The photo itself did needed to extend an extra inch to the left so I used the clone tool to bring my image all the way to the edge.  Next I applied a filter and desaturated the entire picture.  With the brush tool I brought the saturation back into just the elders. I added another layer to use a white brush set at 50% opacity to color in the sky white and to intermix the pixels of my image into the white. To add in my missionary tag image I lasso’d it and applied a 50 px feather.  I copied the tag into my design and rotated it the directions I wanted.  To help it blend with my background I gave it a mask and painted over it with a white paint brush set to 20% opacity and 100% flow.  This allowed my to blend the pixels but keep the brush light enough to not completely make the tag disappear.  I added in my text boxes and used two contrasting typefaces.  I pulled a dark teal color from the left missionaries tie and then used a lighter teal as well for my body copy.  In order to help the text “His Truth” be read more clearly I added a layer and painted with a white brush set to 20% opacity and 50% flow.  Behind the text “Bring the World” I used a black paintbrush with the same opacity/flow to paint a few areas to make the words pop. I also edited out some keys hanging from the left elder with the black paint brush.

Message: An uplifting message about the work that missionaries do and their dedication to Jesus Christ.

Audience: Since this is a spiritual message it is directed towards Latter Day Saints.

Top Thing Learned: I value having learned how to apply mask, filters, and layers to images.  There are many different ways to blend pixels and incorporate images together. I have learned threshold levels and how to use saturation levels.

Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I selected the photo of the missionaries and desaturated it completely. Then, with the brush tool I colors the elders in to make them the focal point of my design.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic (Teal)

Title Font Name & Category: Baskersville Regular (Serif)

Copy Font Name & Category: Letter Gothis STD Bold (San Serif)

Thumbnails of Images Used:













Sources: (Links to images on original website)





Project 3 Photodesign


Description: This project was to demonstrate photoshop editing skills, photography skills, as well as incorporating color.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  My project began with choosing a color scheme. I went with violet shades based on objects that I was brainstorming with.  I used the FOCUS principles from my text book to help me formulate and decide on a plan for my design. I used my Canon Rebel T2i to shoot some photos.  After I decided on the photo I wanted I opened it into photoshop and edited it using these 4 editing tools: level, sharpness, saturation, and color balance.  Next, I opened up an 8 1/2 x 11 layout to begin designing with my photo, text, and shapes.  I used color swatches and the color dropper to match and pull colors directly from my image.  I designed my shapes and patterned them after the wood flooring.  I created different layers for each of the rectangles that I created with the rectangle tool.

Message: This beauty poster is intended to be an positive message with a sophisticated vogue feel.

Audience: For ladies and anyone fashion forward.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to plan a vision and execute it from picking my color scheme, the actual photo shoot, and then editing in photoshop afterwards.

Color scheme and color names: Violet (Monochromatic)

Title Font Name & Category: Didot (Modern)

Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica Light (San Serif)

Date and location of photo taken: Oct. 15, 2014, My Home



Original Unedited Image


Project 2 Event Ad

P2AmberlieAndelin-page-001 (1)

Description: This project required me to utilize Microsoft Word and create a flyer using that program alone.  After experiencing InDesign, this was a little bit of a challenge.  However, there are many different features I have discovered in Word that led to a more professional looking flyer.  My goal with this project was to create a fundraiser for a beneficiary and also use color.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  As I said before, I only used Microsoft Word to create this design.  I started with a 4X6 image and scanned it into my computer.  I opened it in my word document and used the remove background feature under format picture.  I wanted to remove the background to make the photo more crisp and not distracting.  Next,  I switch the view of my word document to a publishing layout.  This allowed me to be a little more creative when moving elements around because some guidelines appear. I created many different rectangles using the shape button to add different elements to my page.  I used this for the two pink boxes and all the thick black lines.  In order to pick my pink color I used the magnifying color drop tool to pull the colors out of the tie in my photograph.  I pulled out the lighter rose hue and the darker rose due. For each element I either created a shape or a text box so I could easily move all the objects around my document. I also formatted them to wrap either behind or in front of text.

Message: The overall message I wanted to portray in my design is classy, clean, organized, and formal.  Since this is a charity dinner and the event is formal, I tried to keep the theme through a modern and vogue title font and through the crisp line.  I used a soft monochromatic pink color scheme to represent love and marriage.  I wanted to keep it soft and romantic. I pulled the soft pink color right out of the tie in the photo.

Audience: My intended audience is towards newly weds or those soon to be married.  This Charity Dinner is targeted to raise money for the Marriage Care Organizations whose primary aim is to give free counseling to couples to build a strong marital foundation.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic color scheme (black, white, light pink 81%, dark pink 64%)

Top Thing Learned:  This project taught me that there is a lot of potential with Microsoft Word.  It was a little more time consuming to make sure everything was correctly aligned.  However, it is possible to design a professional quality flyer. I value learning how to use the remove background tool and understand how to assign a specific wrap to my object so that I can freely move them around the document.

Title Font Name & Category: Didot (Modern)

Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica Light (San Serif)

Scanned Image:
Image Source:  Lora Grady Photography
Original Size: 4×6
Scanner: HP Photosmart B210 Series, my home