A.1 Meet Amberlie



My name is Amberlie and I live in Virginia.  I stand 5′ tall, and have a petite frame (I’ve been told).  My life style is split between work, school, and casual home life. This is my last semester online at BYUI. I will graduate in December with my Bachelors degree.

Almost three years ago I married into my husbands family business, the Metro Richmond Zoo.  My husband and I both work at the Zoo and plan on living in this area long-term.  The first thing that people usually ask me is, “What’s your favorite animal?” I have a slight obsession with chickens. But I couldn’t resist this baby penguin that was born a few weeks ago.

Capsule Wardrobe

The idea of a capsule wardrobe totally stopped my world! The day I found Caroline’s blog, I fell in love with the concept because it was exactly the kind of inspiration I needed.  I went through every. single. one. of the Unfancy blog posts.  

Why did I need a capsule wardrobe in my life?

  • Less is more
  • Interchangeable pieces
  • Basics, Basics, Basics
  • Loving every single piece
  • Less spending $$
  • Finding personal style

Developing my own capsule wardrobe has been a movement from walking into my full closet seeing nothing to wear, to loving every single piece in my capsule.

Fashion should be about absolutely loving what you put on and feeling great in it.  Being selective with what I put in my fall wardrobe allowed me to start finding my personal style. It also gave me so much direction when I went shopping because I knew exactly what I needed (slouchy sweater, black leggings, check!)

My biggest struggle?

Letting go. I have a sentimental relationship that develops with every item I own as soon as I try to get rid of it.  It can be really tough to say goodbye to clothes you have spent money on.  I couldn’t get rid of a single thing. At the end, I put all my clothing that did not fit into bins.  And now? I haven’t missed the bins one bit.


Sweater season is here!  Nothing is cozier than a pair of soft jeggings + a slouchy sweater. I have a CONFESSION. I found this b&w sweater when I was on the hunt to buy a waffle knit sweater that Caroline purchased for her Fall Wardrobe. I couldn’t resist.

It takes a lot for me to find fitting clothes that are small & short enough. Now that Fall has arrived I am all about the baggy trend and have no problem at all.  Sleeves too long? Roll them up a few times to look effortless + cozy.

Have you ever purchased a piece because of a fashion blogger? Let me know what it was!

Sweater: American Eagle

Jeggings: Hollister

Flats: Kenneth Cole (Similar)

Bag: Nine West (Similar splurge)

Earrings: Kate Spade

Bracelet: Michael Kors (Similar)


A.2 Transition Into Fall


Short Girl Fashion

Over the years I have come to terms with this fact — my jeans must be rolled.

Most jeans are WAY too long. Don’t worry I hear yah tall girls, I imagine its near impossible to find jeans long enough!

That’s why it is so important to start establishing go-to stores with items you know will fit you. I have my go-to shops that I know will carry “short” jeans or a dress that hits perfectly at the knees.

These jeggings came from my go-to jeans store, Hollister.  They are my FAV because they are designed for teens/young adults = small fit. They also carry sizes in a short which means I don’t have to roll them up! Another go-to store of mine is H&M for basic tops, you can’t beat the price.

Tip. There are times when short girls can get away with the kids section. This puffy vest is a kids size 10-12. Outerwear is a great category to look at kids sizes. Cheaper + Better Fit.

As I transition into fall I am all about layering pieces like this red vest over a basic black tee.  The vest gives my outfit a pop of color and I love the plaid detailing on the inner fabric. Look more put together by adding a few pieces of delicate jewelry.  This is an every day look that I would wear out on a lunch date, shopping, or while I’m home working on school.

Do you have any go-to stores?

Vest: Costco (Similar)

Top: H&M (Similar)

Jeggings: Hollister

Flats: Kenneth Cole (Similar)

Earrings: Kate Spade

Bracelet: Michael Kors (Similar)