Reflection: Week 12

As this web business course comes to a close, I have been thinking back on all of the skills that I have learned.  Google Analytics is a very valuable tool that I will continue to use to see data for my website.  It allows me to see information such as how long customers stay on the pages and which keywords are the most successful.  This information helps me to make decisions about the future of the website and where it needs to be improved.

Overall, I have learned that web site creation is an ongoing process.  Making changing and keeping up with social media are all a part of what makes a business successful.   Woorank is another valuable resource that gives you information about where your website needs to be improved. I want to remember their site because they have shown me areas I need to work on.

Reflection: Week 11

I am really excited to write this reflection this week because I have come a long ways with google adwords.  In the past few weeks I have made a lot of changes to my keywords and also to my target webpage.  I am a lot happier with the webpage that people will directly click onto.  It helps to sell the product through photos and enticing words.  Today, I got the idea to host a winter sale. This was after my latest project but I went ahead and made the changes anyways.

I created a new add that told the sale discount.  Then, I updated my webpage to talk about the sale and post the discounted price.  I also edited the email that customers receive so they know when these sale tickets expire and the rules associated with them.  With in two hours of the sale I have already sold 5 more tickets. I am really happy with the results and can’t wait to track this sale as it goes through Dec. 31, 2014

Personal Reflection: Week 10

My landing page definitely needs some improvement.  I have learned that by improving your landing page and your keywords, your ad will appear more and be successful.  I am going to add a catchy phrase and make sure that it is clear to customers what the product is.  The most important thing is to show those who click on the page how awesome the business is.

SEO means search engine optimization.  There are a few different ways that you can improve your website to guarantee that customers will find your website in search engines like google.  Page titles, keywords, your reputation, and the amount of links all contribute to the SEO.  I am going to work on adding a few more links, I currently only have 25.

Personal Reflection: Week 9

Conversion tracking helps you to analyze how successful your Adwords campaign is. My conversion rate is the number of tickets solds.  My goal is to have customers click onto my website, and then for them to make a purchase.  My tracking is set up on my “Thank You” page that all of the customers are directed to after they make a purchase.

I am currently in the process of reevaluating my ad campaign and the keywords associated with it. By making adjustments, deleting certain words, and adding new ones, I can improve the overall success of my ad.  In the next few days I plan on pausing my ad to make the changes.


Personal Reflection: Week 8

My google adwords campaign is officially up and running.  It was an exciting process putting the finishing touches on my ad as well as enabled my campaign so that is was a green “go”.  I have been watching my statistics of my keywords as they change.  After the first day it was clear that there was one keyword that clearly has the most impressions and clicks.  Over time I am going to watch my campaign to see how each of my keywords do and how I might be able to improve the campaign over all for future ads.

I installed google analytics on my website this week and have been able to see where my visitors come from and how long they stay on each of my webpages.  Since I am trying to influence my visitors to purchase course tickets, I want to see where they are spending the most time reading about our business.

Personal Reflection: Week 7

The week I focused on learning more about creating an enticing ad that will lead potential customers to my website.  I learned that a few key components are accurately describing what the business is, using numbers, and also a call to action.  Google Adwords has its own restrictions on how many characters each line can have and they also have rules to keep all their ads uniform.  For example, I submitting one ad that was not approved because the “BUY NOW” was in all caps.  It makes sense that Google would want to have consistency in their ads.

Looking at other ads for examples helped me to see that other companies value putting in their ad.  It is important to highlight what sets your company apart from other businesses.  I made sure to focus on a key factor that makes my business unique from similar ones.  Highlighting strengths and a call to action was the main focus of my ad.

Personal Reflection: Week 6

Google Adwords is a creative tool that I explored a lot more this week.  I focused on building my keywords that I will use to run my first Ad.  I am really satisfied with the list of 20 words that I ended up with. I learned that the keywords that you use need to fit in a happy medium.  They can not be too specific, but not too general at the same time.  I thought from a potential customers point of view.  What kind of words would they search to find my business?  What kind of people am I trying to attract?

At the time time, the question comes up, “What customers am I trying to avoid?”.  You can add negative key words that will help you to avoid people clicking that really are looking for a different type of business.  Since I am trying to attract people to come to an outdoor adventure park, I used the negative keywords: backyard, kit.  I want to avoid customers looking to build their own zip line in their backyard.  Basically, my campaign is all ready to go.  I created my ad and spent a lot of time with the wording.  I looked at a lot of other Ads for examples.

Personal Reflection: Week 5

The major focus that I have spent hours and hours on this week was the creation of my website.  All I can say is, “wow”! I’m so proud of how it has developed and I have learned so much on word press as that is my content manager.  My first challenge was to learn how to mirror my website to have an identical frame to the main website.  I am essentially building the ticketing sub domain.  I accessed both the original domain and my sub domain and began applying the same theme, plug-in’s, social media buttons, slides, photos, and menu links.  I would flip back and forth between the websites making sure I was consistently matching. I had to google how to edit and add a lot of different things such as the photo slides and the best way to configure my menu.

The next big challenge was to actually tackle my shopping cart.  I created the tickets page and put course information on there.  I wrote up summaries of the courses and spent a lot of time on the text.  I had previously decided to use pay pal for my cart and have spent the past few days creating the cart the way I wanted.  I took a lot of time creating the actual layout of the products.  I coded with html my product name, price, and description.  I also linked a thank you page that customers will be directed to after they complete a purchase.  Since this is a service they are purchasing, customers will bring in their online confirmation to redeem their tickets on sight. Now that I have completed the pay pal shopping cart I am now creating one with Ecwid.  I might be able to add more options than my simple pay pal cart.  For now I am leaving the pay pal cart live, but as I learn more I may be trying to make a quick switch to Ecwid.

Personal Reflection: Week 4

This week I was able to finally learn a solution that will work well for my website. I have started designing my pages and layout this week on WordPress.  Wordpress is is the site builder that I have chosen to go through because of my familiarity with them.  The business that I am creating online ticketing for already has their main website.  Since my goal for this course is to build my own website, I learned that I can use a subdomain of the existing domain to be able to have my own website.  It will be easily integrated into the existing website and will essentially be a part of it.  Having a subdomain also gives extra weight in the search engine.

WordPress is a great tool that has allowed me to organize my webpage in a clear way with their menu’s and pages. There are also widgets that allow photo sliders and other features that I am testing out.  My next big move will be to integrate online payments on my website.  As of now I am going to go with Paypal because of their reliability and brand loyalty.  Many customers are familiar with their name alone and many more have an account.  I am also interested in having more than one payment option to give customers options.  My main goal for my website is to have it make the payment process as easy as possible for the customers.

Personal Reflection: Week 3

Google Adwords is a tool that I have learned a lot more about this week. It is a great tool for businesses to be able to run an AD and have it show up on google when people search for specific keywords.  It is great because you can choose keywords related to your business and that targets people who are more than likely searching for topics that are relative to what you do.  There are pay per click campaigns that you can run with a specific ad targeted with keywords that you have chosen.  The aim is to draw potential customers to click on your link and go to your website.  It is very unique because you only pay each time someone actually clicks on your ad.  Google has set it up to where you can bid how much you want to pay per click and also have a max daily limit of the amount you want to pay.  There are tools to be able to help you estimate the competition of different keywords and how often someone you might get a click from that keyword.  I am excited to be able to write a future post on how my pay per click ad campaign goes.  I have not begun one yet, but I am still in the process of targeting strong keywords.

I have decided that for my website I am going to use a content management tool called WordPress. It will be a strong move for me because I am already familiar with their tools, I won’t have to learn HTML coding, and I will have their strong reliability.  I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from those I know using WordPress.  My host that I have chosen is GoDaddy.  Their plan worked well for me and I have read a lot of great reviews.  A few reasons I am going with them are the 100 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 100 email addresses.  Those elements will play a key role in the success of my website and business.